Trisha Paytas is born in Riverside, California.

She was born May 8, 1988, in Riverside California before moving to Illinois, born to Frank Paytas and Lenna Paytas. She originally attended online Catholic school but attended high school in Pecatonica, Illinois at 16. [1]


Paytas becomes a presenter on “The Greg Behrendt Show.”

She cites this as her first big break and her first job ever on TV. [2] Later on, she would have a multitude of other TV and music video gigs (see full list here), including “My Strange Addiction,” “Modern Family,” and the music videos of Eminem, Amy Winehouse, and the All-American Rejects. [3]


Paytas registers her YouTube channel.

Her YouTube channel was originally dedicated to movie director Quentin Tarantino, with raps and poems dedicated to Tarantino. It quickly evolved into dieting advice, vlogs, dating and beauty advice, and her first million plus view video: “World’s Fastest Talker,” which earned her a spot on Ellen. [3]

Until 2010

Paytas worked as a stripper and lingerie model at different clubs throughout LA.

In her autobiography, The History of my Insanity Paytas openly discusses her work as a stripper and her suffering mental health while trying to get her Hollywood break approximately between 2006-2010. During this period, she suffered from numerous health issues, sexual trauma, struggled to find her identity, and trying to settle on a career.


Their YouTube channel begins to take off.

Paytas begins utilizing their own personal formula for success - by dumbing themselves down and creating frequently controversial content for exposure clicks. One example: her claims that she would vote for Mitt Romney because he was ‘hot’ [4] and his first name rhymed with ‘tit.’ [5] [6] While the video is now deleted, as is the video of their ‘Japanese alter ego,’ Trishii, (Paytas in horrific racial caricature makeup), [7] the amount of press she received for posting these videos encouraged her to continue creating content like this.


Paytas forms a platonic relationship with Shane Dawson.

Their earliest video together is their candy store haul, leading their public relationship to be dubbed, “Trane.” [8] Dawson’s content around this time was typically vlogs and skits that utilized ‘edgy humor,’ that included but was not limited to: blackface, the use of racial slurs, and a ‘pedophile’ character that pretended to masturbate to a photo of Willow Smith who was 11 at the time. [9]


The controversy around Paytas’s channel continues to grow.

Paytas begins to create more and more controversial and bizarre content; in 2016, after a public breakup from Sean van der Wilt, she filmed herself sobbing on the kitchen floor, followed by a video outing him as gay without his consent. [10] In 2017, she posted a video identifying as a chicken nugget (whether it was an attempt at humor at the cost of the trans identity, she did not clarify). [11] At this point, they have successfully made a name for themselves, entering the Celebrity Big Brother House in 2017 but only lasting 11 days. [12] She had also begun making music, her music video ‘Fat Chicks,’ received recognition from publications such as Cosmo, Huffington Post, and Business Insider. [13]


Jeffree Star and Trisha Paytas become friends through Dawson.

Star and Paytas post their first collaboration to Star’s YouTube channel; a year later, Dawson and Star’s makeup collaboration would include a hot pink eyeshadow named “Trisha” in honor of their mutual friendship with Paytas. [14] Jeffree Star has a laundry list of horrific and offensive actions, including but not limited to, his ‘Lipstick Nazi’ brand, video footage of him screaming racial slurs at women in the street, and wishes to commit acts of violence against black women. [15]


Paytas continues creating content with increased visibility.

Paytas’s content becomes increasingly bizarre and diverse; such as revealing their suicide attempt after 2019 breakup with Jason Nash, being accused of being a crystal meth addict by gossip channel Keemstar, and appearing on Logan Paul’s podcast “Impaulsive.” [16] She also comes out as a transgender man during this time, but later retracts it and marries a cardboard cutout of Brad Pitt.


Paytas reckons with the backlash from Dawson and Star’s ‘cancelling,’ and appears on Ethan Klein’s podcast, Frenemies, keeping her in the public eye.

In 2020, a year after an attempted takedown of beauty guru James Charles organized by Dawson, Star, and Tati Westbrook (the takedown attempt is more casually called ‘Bye Sister’), comes about ‘Karmageddon’ 2020. During this internet event, Dawson and Star are inundated with cries for accountability for their previous racist actions and both release apology videos, and then when the apology videos were not well received, both announced a temporary departure from the Internet. [17] (For a more in-depth look at this, navigate here) Meanwhile, Paytas continues to defend Dawson on the podcast through 2021 and hype up his social media return. [18]


Paytas exits Frenemies and marries Israeli artist Moses Hacmon.

Paytas exits Frenemies due to creative control disputes over the show, and she receives backlash for her unceremonious exit and anti-Semitic comments made on the show. [19] She gets engaged to Moses Hacmon in 2022, and had to deny rumors that her baby was the reincarnation of Queen Elizabeth II in September of that year. [20] Later that month, she gave birth to her daughter, Malibu Barbie. [21]


“The social support benefits of social media use should remind us that while the expectations of maintaining separate public and private lives persist, people will often forgo keeping something private if doing so brings them more support, reduces lonelieness, or increases their social capital.”

Elaine Replogle, Fame, Social Media Use, and Ethics, 2014


“When did queerness become a post-critical theory clickbait machine?”

Manuel Arturo Abreu, Transtrender: A Meditation on Gender as a Social Construct, 2016


“Trisha has been - rightfully - criticized for offending basically every group on the planet and trying on different ethnicities and religions like costumes.”

Mikhaila Archer, The (Sort-of) Evolution of Trisha Paytas, 2022

Background & Beginnings

Content Warning: Extreme Racism, Zoophilia, Violence

Early YouTube

Early YouTube

Initially, Paytas started their YouTube career in 2007 as a Quentin Tarantino fan page.

“It should also be noted that though I started my YouTube channel for my MySpace admirers to admire me more, it turned into a shrine and tribute to Quentin Tarantino at this time.”[1]

Her takeoff hit was “World’s Fastest Talker,” garnering one million views in the first four months, with 7.9 million views today. [2]

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Stripper Career

Stripper Career

Paytas has worked as a stripper multiple times throughout her life, and it continues to inform her content. Based off her autobiography, it seems she worked at multiple clubs throughout LA between 2006 and 2010.

“…I started working at a second club in Van Nuys. This was a ghetto club, all ethnic girls. I was the only white girl working there. I always dressed in baggy and ugly clothes so they wouldn’t steal anything from me. I never drove my car because I wanted them to think I had nothing, like them, so they wouldn’t feel intimidated by me. I know they were though.”[1]

“When I performed onstage at these clubs, I felt like a star. Everyone waited for me to get offstage to they could talk to me, dance with me.”[2]

“This was the club I thrived at the most because it was mainly full of minorities, both dancers and customers. I was the only white girl working at the club, which meant I was a rare gem.”[3]

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Family History

Family History

Paytas has a complicated family history; although not prevalent in a lot of her content, it plays an important role in understanding her psyche.

She has referred to her father’s wife as a bitch and a nazi.[1]

“The battle was never-ending between Mom and Dad, from here to eternity. As soon as my dad remarried, the hate spewed from every end.” (circa 2002) [2]

Her mother has been married five times throughout her life, and engaged in a long custody battle with Paytas’s father after the selling of his previous company for millions of dollars. [3]

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3 4



Paytas has repeatedly fluctuated through different religions throughout her YouTube career, genuinely or not, but was raised Catholic, which informed her early content.

She had a separate YouTube channel called the Catholic Vlogger, created and abandoned in 2012. [1]

Paytas has attempted to convert to Judaism, has tried Hinduism and Islam, and this year has announced they will be a practicing pagan. [2]

1 2



In her early stages of posting on YouTube, Paytas’s main focus wasn’t actually YouTube; she had a number of small roles in TV shows that didn’t take off and music videos.

She cites her biggest break as her role in the Greg Behrendt Show in 2006. [1]

She also says that her first music video appearance was in Amy Winehouse’s music video, directed by David LaChapelle, Tears Dry On Their Own, in 2007. [2]

Paytas as a competitor on America's Got Talent, 2012
Paytas as an extra in Amy Winehouse's music video, "Tears Dry On Their Own," 2007
Paytas as the "fat Jessica Simpson," in Eminem's music video, "We Made You," 2006
Paytas as "Plastic Surgery Girl," in Modern Family, 2011
Paytas as Dr. Limelight, in Stan Lee's "Who Wants to be a Superhero?", 2007
Paytas in Nathan Fielder's show, Nathan for You, 2013.

Click here for a reference of all filmography and podcasts.

1. Paytas, History of My Insanity, 2014, p. 25.


A Beginner's Guide to Trolling

Paytas's Internet reputation has been built off controversy and outrage; her repeated racist rhetoric and dumb persona have successfully garnered a large amount of attention over the last sixteen years. What makes her special: she has alluded accountability and has not lost a platform despite everything.

Body Image


Mental Health


Body Image

Paytas claims to be a beacon of body positivity and accepting of her ‘fat and fabulous’ body; but has sent conflicting messages that contradict body acceptance and promote fatphobia, indicating that she may also struggle with self esteem.

Paytas has historically been open about her history with plastic surgery; she admits to having filler, breast augmentation, liposuction, and a Brazilian butt lift. She has stated, “There’s no one body part of me that is real.” [1, 2]

She’s also stated that she “loves the blow-up sex doll look.” [3]

She has stated in the past that she has suffered from anorexia and bulimia, then denied it, and also has claimed to be a sufferer of body dysmorphia. [4]

Her book, “Curvy and Loving It” (2014), is a rambling attempt at a self-help book, described on the cover to be “a no-nonsense guide to loving your body, curves and all, this uplighting collection shares all the tips and advice that Paytas herself uses when it seems the world is trying to get her down.”

Paytas has an OnlyFans and has stated that 70% of their income derives from it, accruing approximately one million dollars a year. [5]

1 2 3 4 5


She thrives on controversy; she has made claims as outlandish as false rape allegations, playing dumb, falsely coming out as transgender AND homophobic, and has made numerous racist statements towards all ethnicities. This is just a taste — a more comprehensive examination can be found under the controversy tab.

Paytas’s numerous times coming out; as a chicken nugget, as a man, and non-binary. She now uses she/they pronouns. [1]

She once ‘came out’ as black, cosplayed as a black slave, and has used racial slurs towards black people on multiple occasions. [2, 3, 4]

She is extremely antisemitic; the worst of it being making the Heil Hitler salute, and claiming that Hitler wasn’t ‘that bad.’ [5]

1 2 3 4 5


She openly admits to doing it for attention.

“I didn’t care if they were laughing with me or at me; they were laughing, and I was getting noticed.” [1]

“Love me or hate me, you’re watching me and giving me attention; it’s what I like, but not what I need.” [2]

“I never cared about being rich of anything, still don’t,” they said. “I just have this constant need for attention. Maybe that’s a bad thing, maybe not, but it’s how I thrive.” [3]

Her infamous query of 'do dogs have brains?'
She also once claimed that she thought gravity was invented by Isaac Newton and that we don’t need it.

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Mental Health

She talks openly about her struggles with mental health and past trauma, but there is no clarity or consensus on a diagnosis. Her previous fabrications and use of mental health discussion for engagement make her claims less reliable.

Throughout her career, she has claimed to have these mental health diagnoses: Schizophrenia, Borderline Personality Disorder, Bipolar Disorder, and Multiple Personality Disorder. [1]

“I believe deep down, but my own psyche really was my worst enemy.” [2]

“I made those choices, but you do have to wonder, did I make these choices because I was worn with something a little off in my mind or because of the way I was raised?” [3]

“I knew I was sinking back lower, but I couldn’t really stop. I let people continue to do everything else. I felt worthless. I felt like this was my life, and I had to accept it. I’ve often been questioned by family and friends if I’m bipolar.” [4]


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“As white women ignore their built in privilege of whiteness and define woman in terms of their own experience alone, then women of Color become ‘other,’ the outsider whose experience and tradition is too ‘alien’ to comprehend.”

Audre Lorde, Sister Outsider, pg. 117


“You [white women] fear your children will grow up to join the patriarchy and testify against you, we [Black women] fear our children will be dragged from a car and shot down in the street, and you will turn your backs upon the reasons they are dying.”

Audre Lorde, Sister Outsider, pg. 119


“Thus, whites enunciate positions that safeguard their racial interests without sounding ‘racist.’ Shielded by color blindness, whites can express resentment towards minorities; criticize their morality, values, and work ethic; and even claim to be the victims of ‘reverse racism.’”

Eduardo Bonilla-Silva on race color-blindness in the early 2000’s, in Racism Without Racists: Color-Blind Racism and the Persistence of Racial Inequality in the United States, pg. 11

(っ˘з(˘⌣˘ )Davis ♡

“White women who did not challenge the institution of slavery bore a heavy responsibility for its inhumanity.”

Angela Davis, Women, Race, and Class, pg. 126

Paytas & White Men

Content Warning: Extreme Racism, Zoophilia, Sexual Assault, Violence

Paytas has maintained connections with numerous other YouTube stars, other white men who have said and done similar harmful actions as herself. While some of this may appear as petty drama or gossip, it’s important to remember that between Jeffree Star, Trisha Paytas, and Shane Dawson, there are a combined 42.5 million subscribers, and millions of dollars at stake — Jeffree Star earned 18 million in 2018 from YouTube alone. Additionally, these actions that these creators get ‘cancelled’ for range from dabbling in Nazism, modern minstrelsy, and promoting violence towards women of color to a young, impressionable audience of millions.

Shane Dawson

Jeffree Star

David Dobrik

Shane Dawson was one of the first YouTube creators, joining YouTube in 2008, with his three YouTube channels collectively amassing over 4.5 billion views today. His YouTube has demonetized indefinitely and his three books have been pulled from shelves following the unearthing of his earlier content regarding underage girls and zoophilia.

Trisha Paytas and Shane Dawson have been creating content together since 2014, even earning the nickname “Trane.” [1] Dawson begins collaborating with Jeffree Star in 2017, leading to Dawson’s docuseries on him in August 2018, “The Secret World of Jeffree Star,” and another in 2019, “The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star,” which documented their collaboration on a makeup palette for Star’s beauty brand, which included a hot-pink eyeshadow shade appropriately named “Trisha.” [2] After Star’s and Paytas’s fallout in July 2020, Dawson did not rebuke Star and appeared to maintain the friendship, though did not comment publicly. [3] Paytas seemed to fall out with Dawson over this, but October 7, 2021, Paytas announced via livestream that she supported Dawson’s return to YouTube, saying: "I think everyone makes mistakes. I think everyone deserves to be forgiven. I feel like, you know, everyone deserves second or third chances. As a public figure do you have to give that? No. If you don't like him, you don't like him but he has something that is just very charming and magnetic, and people like him.” [4]

“From the very beginning, the content that propelled Shane Dawson into fame was highly offensive.” [5]

In 2014, Shane Dawson issues his first official apology for his minstrel act, from his early years in YouTube, a character in blackface that used racial slurs named “ghetto-girl Shanaynay.” He also did other characters in this time, that include but are not limited to, “gangster S-Deezy,” “Barb the Lesbian,” and “Guadalupe/Fruit Lupe.” [6]

“I didn’t fuck my cat. I didn’t cum on my cat. I didn’t put my dick anywhere near my cat. I’ve never done anything weird with my cats.”

In 2019, Dawson was forced to make a statement vehemently denying any type of sexual contact with his cat, after a 2015 podcast clip of him was unearthed saying he had performed sex acts on his cat. 'One time, I laid my cat down on her back,' he said, before adding that he 'came all over her'. He claimed the story was fake, and originally started as a crude sketch idea.[7]

In July of 2020, Shane Dawson compiled a mass apology entitled "Taking Accountability."

In this apology video that garnered major backlash, Shane Dawson apologized for previous jokes about pedophilia, zoophilia, racism, and promoting homophobic tropes against James Charles. [8] (See the Dramageddon sticky note for more details) His jokes around pedophilia that came under fire included but were not limited to: describing a six year old girl as 'sexy,' (pretending to be a pedophile as a 'bit') [9] pretending to have sex with an eight year old puppet character, [10] and pretending to masturbate to a photo of Willow Smith, who at the time was 11. [11]

Jeffree Star is an American YouTuber, producing beauty content, and is the founder and owner of Jeffree Star Cosmetics. He joined YouTube in 2006. [1] In 2018, Star earned 18 million dollars from his YouTube endeavors alone. This section does not cover all of Star's racist and harmful actions; because his racist aggressions were so frequent, this section seeks to highlight the most prominent examples.

Paytas and Star first filmed a collaboration video in 2018, after Dawson partnered with him first in 2017. [2] In February of 2020, Paytas, Star and a couple others took a trip to Las Vegas during which Paytas claims Star admonished her for her weight and eating habits, and previous drug abuse. By September of that year, on the Frenemies podcast with Ethan Klein of H3H3, Paytas confirmed the end of the relationship with Star. [ibid] In early 2021, Star’s former stylist took to Instagram to call Paytas a ‘walrus,’ with ‘warts.’ Paytas revealed that same day that Dawson private told her that he would not admonish Star publicly, and would continue to host him on his podcast, resulting in Paytas blocking Dawson and his fiancé that day.


Sometime in the early 2000’s, Jeffree Star created a brand titled “Lipstick Nazi,” at LipstickNazi.com, apparently meant to refer to himself. [3]

Blood on the Dance Floor "Child Fucker"

Star defends Blood on the Dance Floor member Dahvie Vanity, who Star described as a “child fucker,” saying on twitter that people needed to “get over the negativity,” and promoted a Blood on the Dance Floor album. [4] Dahvie Vanity was later covered by Chris Hansen of to Catch a Predator, after which Star claimed he had no knowledge of Vanity’s actions. [5]

Continued Violence Against Women of Color

Footage dating to 2004 shows Star yelling racial slurs at women in the street. [6] Jeffree apologizes in a video entitled "RACISM." in 2017 and says: “I've called people stupid, I've called people rats, I've called people annoying, I've called people every name in the book when they've attacked me back because it's hard not to react sometimes." [7] Another presumed covered incident in his 2017 apology video is when he said, "Well maybe if she wasn’t wearing the wrong foundation I wouldn’t have to splash no battery acid. I wanted to lighten her skin tone," in reference to a black woman. [8]

David Dobrik started his internet career with overnight success on video-sharing app Vine, then transitioned to YouTube in 2015, as the leader of a YouTube ensemble entitled the Vlog Squad. His video content typically entailed pranks and various comedy bit characters. [1] In 2021, his net worth was estimated to be between $25 million and $34 million. [2]

Prominent vlog squad member Jason Nash began dating Trisha Paytas in the summer of 2017. [3] Paytas was frequently the target of Vlog Squad video content ‘pranks,’ or comedic bits, which traditionally ended with Paytas in tears or her being framed as philandering; Dobrik also captured some of the more serious relationship issues that came to light. [4] Another ‘comedy bit’ perpetuated by Dobrik and Nash was persuading then 20 year old Tana Mongeau to have a threesome with Paytas and Nash (Paytas was 30 at the time and Nash was 45); Paytas had clearly and repeatedly stated her discomfort with this ‘joke.’ [5] In May 2019, Nash and Paytas broke up, and she subsequently accidentally overdosed on pills and alcohol. [6] In August 2019, Paytas began making accusations against the Vlog Squad, including manipulation and sexual assault, but considering her own self ascribed label of ‘troll,’ the accusations were not taken seriously. But on the Frenemies podcast in 2020, hosted by Paytas and Ethan Klein of H3H3, Paytas’s accusations were validated when former members came on the podcast and confirmed her stories, including Seth Francois, former Vlog Squad member, alleging he was sexually assaulted and another describing the group dynamic as ‘cult-like.’ [7] [8]

“A woman featured on YouTube star David Dobrik’s channel says she was raped by a Vlog Squad member in 2018 the night they filmed a video about group sex.”

On March 16, 2021, Business Insider publishes an article regarding Dobrik’s 2018 video “SHE SHOULD NOT HAVE PLAYED WITH FIRE!!” in which a 20 year old woman, known as Hannah, claims that Vlog Squad member Dom Zeglaitis had sex with her while she was black-out drunk, off camera. Paytas backs up Hannah’s story, reporting that it was ‘a bad situation’ and another Vlog Squad member was instructed to purchase liquor for Hannah and her friends, who were underage at the time. [9] This was Zeglaitis’s third accusation of sexual assault. [ibid]

Following the publication of the article, Dobrik and Zeglaitis’s videos were demonetized on YouTube, and Dobrik lost sponsors such as SeatGeek, EA Sports, DoorDash, HBO Max, Facebook — and many more. Ethan Klein and Paytas hosted a livestream interviewing another Vlog Squad member, Jeff Wittek, who vehemently denied any involvement, but a time-stamped photograph, revealed later on the stream, showed him to be walking next to the victim who had to be held up by her friends. [10]

“Don’t Try This At Home”

On April 22, 2021, Jeff Wittek, a prominent Vlog Squad member, uploaded a documentary on an accident he suffered while filming a vlog for Dobrik. The vlog depicted the Vlog Squad wakeboarding on a shallow lake, with David Dobrik operating an excavator that pulled and maneuvered the wakeboard. “When Wittek tries wakeboarding, Dobrik swings him even higher, then abruptly stops, causing Wittek to crash into the machine, then into the water with his foot still caught in the line.” [11][12] Wittek has since filed a lawsuit for $10 million in damages to Dobrik, due to the gargantuan medical bills he has accumulated due to injuries from the incident, including but not limited to, breaking his foot and hip, shattering his skull in nine places, tearing a ligament in his leg, and almost losing an eye. [13]


Tati Westbrook publishes “BYE SISTER…” accusing James Charles of betraying her by promoting a rival hair vitamin company at Coachella, and accuses him of predatory behavior towards straight men. [1]

Westbrook alleged that Charles was using his newfound fame and money to pressure young straight men into having sexual relations with him; citing one experience with a waiter, Sam Cooke, but Sam Cooke later retracted the story and apologized to Charles. [2]

Jeffree Star joined the pile-on by announcing that James Charles was banned from his home for his predatory behavior, unbeknownst the public previously. He even goes on to claim that he has a voice recording from the victim. [3]

A year later, beauty YouTuber Kameron Lester discusses his experience with Jeffree Star, explaining that he witnessed Shane Dawson call Star and told him to “go in on” James Charles, three months before the publishing of “BYE SISTER…” [circa February 2019] [5]

After being replaced as a model for one of Star’s beauty campaigns, Lester says: “I felt like he was trying to send a message in some way that I was replaceable as a Black boy.”

This announcement would start the shift in the court of public opinion for Dawson and Star in the coming year. After this, rumors began circulating on Twitter that Dawson orchestrated Tati’s “BYE SISTER…” [6]

On June 30, 2020, Tati comes out with a video, entitled “BREAKING MY SILENCE…,” claiming that Star and Dawson manipulated her into posting the video and alleging that Charles sexually harassed straight men.

Westbrook claims that Dawson “used, coerced, and manipulated her,” into posting “BYE SISTER..” along with the help of Star; saying that Dawson even offered to help design the thumbnail and edit the script. [7]

"Over the course of the next few weeks, he [Dawson] and Jeffree fed me so much information that I felt sick. Almost every day there was more information and new allegations," Westbrook said. "Eventually I believed what they were saying because they said they had evidence. By the time the drama around James Charles' promotion of Sugar Bear Hair reached its peak, I was beyond gaslit.”

Dawson livestreams his reaction to Westbrook’s video with the allegations against him and Star, which only incurred more backlash.

He says, “You’re so manipulate, you’re fake crying. You are fake crying, that is not real. Oh my god.” [8]

The amount of backlash both Star and Dawson received after these events led to the unearthing of old actions, including but not limited to, racism, minstrelsy, zoophilia and pedophilia; eventually leading to the indefinite demonetization of their YouTube channels and the pulling of Dawson’s books off shelves in stores.

Paytas would continue to defend Dawson even after the fallout from Dramageddon.

This section includes Paytas's most recent tweets; all information shown is live and accurate as of last refresh. All data is fetched using the Twitter API found at Rapid API.

Mixed in with Paytas's tweets are quotes from prominent authors, thinkers, and researchers regarding Paytas herself, online identities, and intersectional feminism. It cannot be understated how important it is to recognize the atrocity of Paytas's previous actions while simultaneously being aware of how her current online presence attempts to disregard the importance and cruelty of her previous actions.


Content Warning: Extreme Racism, Sexual Assault, Violence

Masterlist of significant and harmful actions/statements Paytas has done/made


Paytas has a long history of making racist statements either for controversy clicks or simply because they are racist (which they have stated). The most important aspect of this section is that these videos are hard to find: Paytas has a habit of copyright striking anyone who uploads these videos to social media sites, and with the Wayback Machine not supporting video content on typical social media sites, this information and video content is extremely important to commit to memory.

Trishii, Paytas’s Japanese rapper ‘alter ego,’ was a performance of Paytas in blackface pretending to perform in a music video. The video is now deleted, but has been re-uploaded by other users [2] and serves as a reminder of how common blackface was utilized by white YouTubers as an edgy punchline.

In 2017, Paytas released a song entitled ‘Jungle Fever,’ is three minutes and five seconds worth of targeted fetishization of Black men. Lyrics included: “Jamie Foxx is dying and Lebron makes me squeal / Take me to a Tyler Perry movie / It's a damn deal.” [3] She also posted a video on YouTube entitled, “Why White Women Love Black Men,” which she has now taken down.

Her political commentary and affiliations are notably conservative, but she also claims she has never voted. However, in her notable support for Romney and Trump, she has used racist rhetoric to support her political positions.

The following are a collection of clips of Paytas saying and expressing racist sentiments. Because of her 2021 video clean out of over 1,300 videos, and copyright striking habit, small clips still exist but the context is not easily identifiable.

Compilation of Paytas using the N-word
Compilation of Paytas using the word ‘ghetto’ in a negative and racialized context
Paytas upset that a man who ‘doesn’t know English’ would try to approach her
Paytas weaponizing harmful Asian stereotypes
Paytas admitting she's racist
Paytas claiming AIDS was a result of Black people having sex with monkeys
Paytas 'cosplaying' as Selena

Honorable Mentions


Paytas also has a complicated history with the online LGBT community — she has ‘come out’ multiple times as joke, claiming to either be ‘transracial,’ transgender, or even once a chicken nugget. But in addition to this, she has a history of using the f-slur [1] and suggesting that being gay is a choice.

In 2016, Paytas uploaded a video claiming they identified as a chicken nugget. [3] She also came out as a lesbian in 2016, with a video entitled “im gay (not clickbait) and this is a big deal.” [4] She later announced she was retiring from being gay while wearing a paper bag. [5]

Paytas un-coming out

Paytas at one point came out as black. [5]

In 2019, they claimed to identify as a trans gay man. [6]

In 2020, they officially announced themselves as non-binary, but have since reverted to using she/they pronouns. [7]

After a breakup with boyfriend Sean van der Wilt, Paytas outed him as gay without his consent. [8] She was later hit with a defamation lawsuit. [9]

A more comprehensive list can be found here thanks to reddit user u/doopywoop1 :)


Paytas has a history of repeating harmful anti-Semitic stereotypes, fetishizing Jewish men, and even making conflicting statements about Hitler. Paytas came under particular fire for her comments when she referred to her co-host on Frenenmies, Ethan Klein, as 'Jewy' for the split of profits from their podcasts. (see image below)

Additionally, Paytas has made conflicting comments regarding her knowledge of Hitler and the Holocaust. In 2020, on the podcast Frenemies, she claimed to not know about the Holocaust. But, she did; in a 2013 video, now deleted and removed from the Wayback Machine, entitled 'My Thoughts on Hitler,' Paytas expressed a specific interest in learning about the Holocaust and Hitler.

Paytas said in the video: "I'm not antisemitic in any, any way. I've had a lot of Jews inside of me, if you know what I'm saying [...] I love the Jews, I love them so much." [10] The full video is linked below.

Trisha Paytas, "My Thoughts on Hitler"
In 2020, Paytas made a TikTok pantomiming to "Springtime for Hitler," from the musical "The Producers," and can be seen making the Heil Hitler salute.

If you're interested in learning more about the depth of her anti-Semitic remarks, YouTuber Ryan Beard does a pretty comprehensive overview, though long!

Honorable Mentions

Paytas has been consistently on the Internet since 2007 — meaning that this list is in no way comprehensive of all the problematic and harmful statements she's made. This section includes statements and actions that are equally as awful as aforementioned but don't fit cleanly into any above category.

Paytas has repeatedly brought up incest and has created incest porn. Ethan Klein has mentioned that while Paytas was on his podcast she has asked her husband to pretend she is his sister during sex [11] and once wrote a movie script about a father falling in love with his daughter. [12] She filmed an OnlyFans video with her biological half sister and mother, “doing what can only be described as incest porn.” Mentions of it before a copyright strike can be found here: [13] [14] and photographic evidence can be found here: [15] (WARNING: pornographic imagery)

Paytas has also mentioned pedophilia repeatedly, joking about it and dated a pedophile.